Contract Pharmacy Registration

You must be the logged-in AO or PC for the covered entity to register contract pharmacies.

If there are contract pharmacy registrations submitted when the covered entity registration is pending, then both the AO and PC will both receive notification of approval of the Contract Pharmacies as part of the entity registration once the Covered Entity registration is approved by OPA. The contract pharmacy status will be updated to "Approved" and the enrollment in the 340B program will start on the first day of the next quarter.

The contract pharmacy registration process must be started and completed within the same browser session. Incomplete online registrations cannot be saved for later submission. Do not submit a contract pharmacy registration if you are unsure of the information you are providing or if contract terms are still under negotiation or not fully executed. It is imperative that contract pharmacy registrations are submitted accurately to avoid lengthy delays in 340B implementation.

Follow these steps to register a contract pharmacy:

  1. From the Covered Entity Details page for an active entity for which you are responsible as AO or ClosedPC External user who is designated as a Primary Contact for an entity. This user can enter registrations and update entity information. This user can enter registrations, and update entity information. Any changes to an entity performed by the PC user must be attested to by the AO for that entity., select the Contract Pharmacy tab and click the Add button.

    screen shot of adding a Contract Pharmacy from the CE Details page

  2. View the Instructions page and click the Continue button.

    screen shot of Contract Pharmacy instructions

  3. The Covered Entity Details page is displayed. The Associated option is selected by default in the Search Pharmacy section, causing the system to return a list of active pharmacy contracts already associated with the entity. If the desired pharmacy is not listed, you can search by ClosedDEA Number A registration number assigned to health care providers by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, allowing them to write prescriptions for controlled substances. Legally, the DEA number is solely to be used for tracking controlled substances. However, it is often used as a unique general "prescriber number" for anyone who can prescribe medication. or by location.

    screen shot of initial Contract Pharmacy search page with "Associated" option selected